Tszuj Cocktail Mixer 8oz

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Old Fashioned: The man. The myth. The legend. The Old-Fashioned is the gold standard, but we can admit it can be daunting to reproduce such a simple cocktail so we took the guess work out of the flavour profiles.

Caeser: As classically Canuck as the Canadian Tuxedo, Mounties, and the mighty Beaver, this is the key to the ultimate Caesar! No more shitty vodka clams. You know those mind-blowing caesars you've had at trendy spots that make you question all of your mixology talents? This is the mixer that'll solve all your problems. Now, build your garnish tower!

Margarita: Margarita Mondays will be a week-long affair when it's this simple! We've provided you a roadmap to the best marg you've ever tasted; your guests will think you're hiding a cabana boy somewhere! Now, the real question… tequila, mezcal, or rum?

Mojito: You know what they say… when in Havana! Nobody's got time to try and keep mint and limes fresh at home. Now, you can whip up mojitos any time and impress the hell out of your friends!