Charleston & Harlow Bath Salts

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SOOTHE: Try as you may, you'll struggle to resist sprinkling this on toast. We STRONGLY urge you to resist, and sprinkle in your tub instead! This blend of dead sea salt and epsom salt paired with calendula, sweet orange, and vanilla will have those tired muscles rejoicing.

CALM: Himalayan Pink Salt is your friend; say it with us! It calms irritated skin, heals wounds, soothes sore muscles, and deep-cleans. It's like a giant hug for your body. Rose and lavender just add on to the calming train as well, so we suggest you not use this in the morning or before operating any heavy machinery.

DETOX: Every day can be a spa day with this zen-like blend of eucalyptus and spearmint. Dead sea salt and activated charcoal draw out the bad, and your 90's music obsession will forever be cool; we promise.